Each cookie is individually made by hand so the design can very slightly. A substantial amount of time, attention to detail and love are given to every cookie order to ensure that each of my customers receives a fresh, high quality product that not only looks good but tastes great too!

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Things to know when ordering your cookies.


Minimum order is 2 dozen full size cookies.  Regular size (approx. 3in.) cookies start at $3/cookie and includes 2 colors with simple details, no airbrushing, painting or gold or silver details.  

Here are examples of $3 cookies.

More detailed cookies are $4+/cookie.  Includes airbrushing, gold & silver details (3 to 4” in size).  Here are examples of $4+ cookies.

$5 cookies include very detailed images, logos and or 4” or larger cookies.

Basic minis are $14/dozen and include 2 colors.  Embellished minis are $15/dozen and up.  Want just minis?  Minimum order is 3 dozen.

All cookies will come in a bakery box.

I need at least 2 weeks notice for all orders. Orders placed less than 2 weeks out will incur a $20 rush fee.  

Favor wrapped cookies will be individually heat sealed and tied with a coordinating ribbon and come in a basket for easy transport and presentation.  

Cookies can also be individually boxed.

Please get in touch with me as soon as you have a date to get on my calendar.  My calendar fills up quickly.

Once design and details are settled I will send you a paypal invoice for 50% to be paid at time of booking.  Balance will be due when I start your order.

When you receive your cookies, keep in a dry area at normal room temp. Do not expose to any moisture as this will activate the icing causing smudging or bleeding.  Don't refrigerate the cookies, this dries them out.

*Due to Texas State Regulations, I am unable to ship cookie orders at this time.

Cookie Order Form

To place a cookie order please fill out the form below. I will contact you within 24 - 48 hours of order receipt with a quoted price, availability & cookie confirmation. All cookies are made to order, so please give at least a 2 weeks notice on all orders. During holidays, a 4-6 week notice may be required. For questions or for additional information contact Bianca at 512.796.2014 or hello@biancaandco.com.

Orders placed less than 2 weeks out will incur a $20 rush fee.

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